With the ever-increasing inflation, eggs and poultry prices are constantly on the rise. So, if you’re considering starting a backyard flock or expanding on one, we say you’re on the right track!

But, for success on this journey, it is crucial to find a reputable chicken hatchery.  Without it, ensuring healthy and productive birds will not be possible.

Fortunately, the United States is home to many hatcheries that specialize in a variety of chicken breeds. One of the states with some of the best hatcheries is Texas, and luckily, some of these can ship nationwide.

To help you select the best, we’ve compiled this detailed chicken hatchery Texas list. Let’s begin!

7 Best Chicken Hatcheries of Texas

1. Ideal Poultry

Ideal Poultry
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Number one on the list, Ideal Poultry is one of the best chicken hatcheries located in Cameron, Texas, and has been operating since 1937.

It is a family-owned business with an unchallenged reputation for providing high-quality poultry breeds to customers across the country. Shipping around 5 million chicks annually, Ideal Poultry is also the largest supplier of backyard poultry in the United States.

The hatchery offers a wide range of chicken breeds, including rare ones. So, whatever you’re looking for, there’s a high chance Ideal Poultry may have it!

They also have a well-maintained website, which is easy to navigate and makes browsing a whole lot easier.

What sets Ideal Poultry apart from other hatcheries is exceptional customer service. They are available to answer any questions that customers may have and provide guidance on selecting the right breed for your needs.

Moreover, previous buyers claim that Ideal Poultry offers great quality at suitable prices.

When it comes to shipping, Ideal Poultry boasts a reliable and efficient one. They ensure that the birds stay healthy and strong and have a safe trip.

2. Little Pecker’s Chicks

Little Pecker’s Chicks

Little Peckers Chicks is a small chicken hatchery located in Magnolia, Texas. The hatchery provides high-quality, healthy chicks to those wanting to start a backyard flock.

The Little Pecker’s Chicks hatchery has a friendly environment. They offer outstanding customer service with a quick response time. Also, their website is not too comprehensive, but you can get a fair idea of how they operate if you browse thoroughly.

However, they don’t have price lists, product listings, or shipping options listed on their website. If anyone wants to buy from them, they have to get in touch with them first. After that, they assist you as much as they can and ensure that the process goes smoothly.

3. SeaBreeze Hens

SeaBreeze Hens
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Next on the list, Sea Breeze Hens is a small poultry farm located in San Leon, Texas. They specialize in providing hens, pullets, and chicks.

SeaBreeze Hens is known for purebred hens and roosters. They aim to provide healthy, happy, and healthy chicks and pullets to their customers.

They allow their chickens and laying hens to enjoy free-range browsing and also provide them with a diet of high protein feed, scattered whole grains for scratching, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus, ensuring well-fed, healthy stock.

Due to their devotion to making chicken shopping easy for all, they have also optimized their website to be user-friendly. It has detailed information about the breeds they sell, how to take care of them, how to order, and everything you need to know about SeaBreeze Hens.

Additionally, they offer a variety of chicken-related products, such as egg layers, and services, such as DNA Gender Testing. These two add-ons make SeaBreeze a one-stop shop for all your chicken needs.

Their customer service is exceptional. They reply fast and have the willingness to answer any questions you may have. Also, they ship across the country.

4. The Dunham Farm

The Dunham Farm

Operating for more than 50 years with excellence, the Dunham Farm Wildlife Farm is located in Burleson, Texas. They raise exotic but family-friendly animals on their farm, including wallabies, pheasants, etc.

However, they only sell Silkie chickens, Silkie hens, and Netherland dwarf bunnies. Both, their chickens and Netherland Dwarf Bunnies have won numerous rewards over the years, all of which are listed on the website.

They have a regularly updated website, which is also easy to navigate and has detailed information about each breed they offer, as well as pricing and shipping options.

On the website, their blog educates potential customers about the types of quality and how to raise the chickens. You can also visit the farm and spend a day there, but booking an appointment beforehand is necessary.

They offer a variety of colors for chickens and hens. The prices start at $20 and go up based on the color, quantity, and age required. Compared to SeaBreeze Hens, the Dunham Farm is a bit towards the pricey end.

The Dunham Farm is also super responsive. You can contact them via call, which is also the only way to place orders. As for reviews, they have hundreds of satisfied customers and a 4.9-star rating. Shipping options are not listed on the website.

5. M&T Rabbitry and Poultry Farm

M&T Rabbitry and Poultry Farm

If you’re looking to raise rabbits, backyard chickens, or ducks, M&T Rabbitry and Poultry Farm might just be the place for you. Located in Natalia, Texas, this business started back in 2009 with only three rabbits.

The owner, Daniel Jimenez, was looking for a way to teach his children about hard work and responsibility. So, that’s essentially what their business stands on today.

A year later, the farm extended operations to chickens as well. Now, they have over 150 rabbits and three different breeds: Holland Lops, Lionheads, and Netherland Dwarfs. In the case of chickens, the numbers go up.

M&T Rabbitry and Poultry Farms hatch and order about 150 chicks every week. Needless to say, the demand is high, and in the world of hatcheries, this translates to only one thing: top-notch quality.

Given their base principles, high demand, and outstanding reviews, M&T Rabbitry and Poultry Farm is known to prioritize animal welfare alongside customer satisfaction.

They have a simple and user-friendly website with all the basic information readily available. They also have a daily deals section. Also, they sell snake traps to ensure the safety of the animals you purchase.

To find out what breeds they sell, where they ship, and how to purchase, interested parties must contact them directly via email or phone. The farm is open throughout the week, but the timings vary.

6. Bird & Bee Farm

Bird & Bee Farm
Image Credit: The Hermits’ Rest

Next, we have Bird & Bee Farm located in Rockdale, Texas. They offer a variety of chicken breeds. There is no compromise on quality, but there is one compromise on the listings: They only sell hens! So, if you’re looking for a rooster, Bird & Bee Farm is not the place for you.

According to reviews from previous buyers, the chickens from Bird & Bee Farm were healthy and of standard quality. The prices are a bit to the high end, but they ensure an excellent buying experience. They accept payment via checks, cash, or Zelle.

They are open by appointment only and do not ship. To book an appointment, you can either call them or schedule via their website, which is very comprehensive and user-friendly.

Furthermore, they ask visitors to read their Bio Security, Payment Policy, and FAQ page to ensure they are in line with the farm’s terms and conditions.

7. ChickenvilleUSA


Last, on the list, we have ChickenvilleUSA. Located in Terell, Texas, they have 21 breeds available. The products include eggs, live chickens, and many rare breeds.

Selling over 10,000 birds a year, they guarantee the highest quality chickens, but they are a bit to the pricey edge.

If you want to buy chickens from them, you must book an appointment because they do not ship. Also, they don’t allow visitors or customers to roam around. The appointments almost always comprise pick-up and pay-– cash only.

ChickenvilleUSA sells hens only. If you get a rooster by accident, they have a return and exchange policy.


Starting a backyard flock is an economically sound way to have a constant and fresh supply of poultry and eggs. Finding the best chicken hatcheries in Texas was step one toward starting your backyard flock!

All the hatcheries listed above are known for their excellence, unrivaled customer service, and for offering high-quality poultry breeds. When finalizing the best one for yourself, make sure you put factors like shipment, breed, and quantity into consideration.

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