We love the idea of keeping a few backyard chickens and getting fresh eggs every day. But if you plan to make more chickens, you need a rooster as well. Otherwise, the eggs will never hatch! Also, if you’re raising chickens en masse – or if you have chicken breeds that aren’t broody – then it’s safer to use an incubator. Here are the 7 Best Chicken Incubators for Eggs.

Best Chicken Incubators for Eggs

1. Manna Pro Harris Farms Nurture Right Egg Incubator for Hatching Chicks – Holds 22 Eggs – Automatic Egg Turner with Temperature and Humidity Control – 360 Degree View With Clear Window

The advantage of buying an American product is easier customer service. And Harris Farms is based in Tennessee so that helps. Also, if you want a solid track record, their roots – pun intended – trace back to 1842. Their current iteration launched in 1985 with the Manna Pro brand. This incubator has clear sides, but its solid lid helps avoid excessive overhead lighting.

The incubator can hatch 22 eggs at a go. It automatically turns the eggs 4 times a day, until three days to hatching. To keep the eggs well aerated, four ports let air into the case. The lit display lets you keep an eye on metrics and conditions inside the incubator. The ticker at the top begins a 21-day hatching countdown when you start up the unit and load it with eggs.

If you enjoy watching the magic of a bird beginning life, Nurture Right 360 is a good option. As its name indicates, it promises a clear view all around so you can check progress from every angle. Although it shows the temperature and humidity, vapor control isn’t automated. At least once a day, use the external water pots and vapor vent to manage moisture manually.


  • See-through window offers a 360° view
  • Candling feature works well on lighter egg colors (e.g. white, pastel, etc.)
  • Optional add-on rotary tray for smaller eggs (e.g. pigeon, quail, etc.)


  • Real-time internal temperature is often 1.5° lower than the digital display.

2. KEBONNIXS 12 Egg Incubator with Humidity Display, Egg Candler, Automatic Egg Turner, for Hatching Chickens

Whether you grabbed some eggs from your backyard coop or ordered them from a breeder, you can’t always be sure they’re fertilized. This is where the candler on the Kebonnixs helps. You can hold up an egg to it and see if there’s any life developing inside. Also, like most of these devices, it will show humidity levels but won’t automatically adjust the water vapor.

You have to do this manually by topping up the water reservoir as necessary. On this unit, the water pot is on the outside so you can adjust the hatching moisture without raising the lid and bothering the bird babies. It has a built-in rotator that stops turning eggs three days before their expected birthday. And the Kebonnixs has a fan that keeps air circulating safely.


  • Digital displays for humidity and temperature.
  • External reservoir allows convenient humidity management.
  • Holds a dozen chicken eggs at a time.


  • It has two male plug connectors so you might get confused. Check the directions.

3. Brinsea Products Mini II Advance Automatic 7 Egg Incubator, One Size, Yellow& Black, USAB16C

The beauty of Brinsea is it gives you options. This model – the Mini II Advance – needs you to manually manage moisture levels. But if you want an automatic water vapor system, you can get the Mini II Ex instead. The two incubators have similar specs but for now, we’ll focus on the Mini II Advance. It’s portable, lightweight, and simple enough to be used by children.

It has a digital display so you can monitor temperature, humidity, etc. It also has an optional hatching alarm, countdown timer, and automatic egg turner. The external water pot has a big capacity, and the bright yellow color of the incubator base makes it a decorative item too! It has a tall, clear dome for enhanced visibility and it comes with a power plug set for the US.


  • Ideal for young users and beginners.
  • Holds 7 eggs at a time and has a small footprint.
  • Has a 3-year warranty if you register it.


  • It doesn’t have a built-in candler so you may have to buy one separately.

4. Magicfly Mini Egg Incubators for Hatching Eggs, with Automatic Egg Turning, 9-12 Eggs Hatching Incubator for Chickens, Ducks, Goose, Birds

If you want an incubator that slips in easily among your storage containers and Tupperware, the Magicfly is a good bet. It easily tucks onto the shelf in the shed where it stays unseen and undisturbed. This makes it less likely to draw unwanted attention that may stress out the hatching chicks. It’s about 13” by 7” by 9” so it doesn’t need much space. It holds 9 to 12 eggs.

The plastic is sturdy and easy to clean, though you need to add about one-fourth cup of water every two or three days to maintain humidity levels. But you do have to lift the lid for top-ups so keep that in mind. The incubator has sliding dividers so different egg sizes can stay comfy. But a few days to hatching, you have to carefully remove these dividers plus the egg rotator.


  • It has a subtle, stylish silhouette.
  • It’s compact and easy to put together.
  • It’s a fully manual unit – no bells or whistles.


  • The casing is slightly hazy so you can’t see the eggs as clearly as competing models.

5. Meuiosd Egg Incubator for Hatching Chicks, 12-24 Egg Incubators with Auto Turning, Automatic Water Top-up, Fahrenheit Display, 360° View Poultry Incubator for Hatching Chicken Duck Quail Parrot

In nature, a hen will stop turning her eggs a few days before they hatch. And like many of the other incubators on this list, the Meuiosd has an automated stopping mechanism that kicks in three days before the eggs are expected to hatch. But the main selling point of this model is its impressive size combo. It takes up less overall space but has a larger internal capacity.

While the external dimensions are a little over 10”, this incubator can hold up to 24 chicken eggs. The fan at the top of the dome keeps air flowing freely, which helps to moderate the temperature inside. The water pad is attached to the humidity tray with a narrow hose so you can use a bottle to gradually fill it. Experiment with volume and timing to suit your schedule.


  • External water reservoir for humidity management.
  • Clear view of the eggs from all sides.
  • Large capacity of two dozen eggs.


  • It doesn’t come with a candler so plan to order a convenient one.

6. Farm Innovators 4250 Incubator, Circulated Air, Digital LCD Display with Automatic Egg Turner for Improved Hatching, Up to 41 Eggs, Includes Egg Candler and Protective Plastic Shell, Heated Air, White

Many of the hatchers we’ve looked at so far have been aimed at hobbyists. But if you’re interested in something more commercial, try this professional-grade model from Farm Innovators. Each of the eggs has a snug individual casing that mimics an egg tray. This makes it easy to turn the eggs while giving them consistent warmth, light, and ventilation.

You can control humidity by dripping water into the side port with a baster, which means you don’t have to lift the lid. The incubator is susceptible to temperature changes so you shouldn’t place it in indirect sunlight or in a room where the warmth fluctuates. But it does have a light that flashes if the incubator gets too hot or cold. Ideal temps are 97°F to 101°F.


  • Quickly reaches the ideal temperature.
  • Holds 41 chicken eggs.
  • Stylish minimalistic design.


  • The sides are solid white so you can only view the eggs from the top.

7. Egg Incubator, 16 Eggs Incubator with Auto Egg-turning, Auto Water Refill, Auto Temperature Control, LED Egg-lighting, for Hatching Chicken Goose Pigeon Quail Duck

The incubators we’ve looked at so far used various techniques to adjust hatching humidity. And these tactics required a liquid refill at least once a day. Some involved lifting the lid, an action that could potentially disrupt hatching. But this incubator model solves those issues by introducing a large external reservoir. You can pick a size based on your moisture needs.

The incubator has a tray with an inlet where you can attach a PET bottle filled with water that gradually drips into the hatcher. So you can load a day’s supply or an entire week! The incubator has the other standard features including an egg turner, a candler, and a fan. Yes, you can hatch different eggs in it, but be careful since these mixed birds may not get along!


  • Tray slot allows different egg sizes.
  • Eggs turn automatically every two hours.
  • You get a full 360° view of up to 16 chicken eggs.


  • It’s an imported brand so shipping times are longer.

Tips for Choosing the Best Chicken Incubators for Eggs

Apart from checking reviews, watching videos, and asking for referrals, it helps to:

  • Get an incubator with reliable egg turners, humidity, and temperature controls.
  • Look for longer warranties so you have time to test two or three egg clutches.
  • Consider models with automated timers to ease your hatching anxiety.
  • If you like to watch (and want to use a camera), prioritize clearer viewing ports.
  • Find a model that’s easy to clean – hatching can get pretty messy!

Do you have any experience using incubators to hatch chicken eggs? Tell us all about it!

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