Chicken breed names are a lot more colorful than most people would expect them to be. When it comes to a name like “Cinnamon Queen,” you tend to expect that to be more for a coffee shop than anything else. But, no. It’s a chicken breed name.

These popular hens are great for adding to a typical flock, but only if you have a specific purpose in mind. Are you ready to check out this brand of poultry royalty? And, why do they call this breed a “Queen?” Keep on reading.

What are Cinnamon Queen chickens?

Cinnamon Queen chickens are a chicken breed that focuses on egg laying. They are a mixture of four different breeds: Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island Whites, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and ISA Browns. Typically, they are hybridized between two of these four breeds.

Most commonly, they are made by crossing a Rhode Island Red and a Rhode Island White or a Silver Laced Wyandotte. However, ISA Browns have occasionally found their way into the Cinnamon Queen gene pool too.

The goal of creating this breed was to make a chicken that is an excellent egg producer and can be sexed easily at birth. The plumage of each gender differs when they’re chicks, making it easy to sex them.

Cinnamon Queens take on the best qualities of their parent breeds. So, while Rhode Island Reds tend to be aggressive, Queens take after Wyandottes and Whites by being docile. They are basically bred to be better birds.

The reason they are called “Queens” deals with their egg-laying capabilities. They are very talented at it, giving female chickens a premium price on the market.

What do Cinnamon Queen chickens look like?

Overall, their breeding gives them red combs with a wider variety of feathering. You can see them with white feathers or even dark red feathers. Typically, they mature into a cinnamon-brown color with yellow legs, red earlobes, and red wattles.

The purpose of this breed is actually pretty set in stone: fast egg production. The reason why they are called “Queens” is because they are literally bred to be the queen egg layers in any flock. This is true in terms of both egg quality and egg quantity.

PRO TIP – Cinnamon Queen hens are not part of an officially-recognized breed by the American Poultry Association. They are simply a hybrid of several standard heritage breeds. So, expect to see differences from hatchery to hatchery.

How good are Cinnamon Queen hens at egg laying?

They are crazy good at what they do. Known for their fast body development, adult hens will typically lay anywhere from 250 to 320 eggs per year. Their eggs are extra large and brown. They’re known for being delicious, too.

With that said, this high-demand layer is a great choice for farm use. They mature at a younger age, so your return on investment comes in fairly quickly. Like most other high-end egg layers, they are prone to broodiness.

The one downside of this chicken breed is their tendency to have egg quality diminish as they get older. This is simply due to the sheer amount of eggs they lay throughout their lifetimes. You can’t expect any bird to keep up quantity and quality production like that!

Can you raise Cinnamon Queen chickens for meat?

These birds are usually large enough to warrant being used for meat, but that’s not their primary purpose. This is a breed that was specifically made for egg production. Their meat is not considered to be the best, but it’s passable.

Still…why would you waste a perfectly good egg-laying breed like that? Regardless, they are officially considered to be a dual-purpose chicken breed. When they are fully mature, they can reach up to 6.5 pounds.

Are Cinnamon Queen chickens healthy?

Are Cinnamon Queen chickens healthy?
Image Credit: dandy_manor

This can be somewhat gender-specific. This is one of those rare chicken breeds where egg laying becomes such a huge endeavor, it actually can impact their lifespan.


Male chicks will be able to live a pretty long, happy life. They are not prone to disease and will be able to live for up to 10 years. Mites and similar pests are the only issues you have to worry about with them.

Since there’s no egg laying going on, their reproductive systems are not prone to decay or cancer. They may still need to have some extra food, but they are generally low maintenance. This breed is also fairly active and fearless in its own right.


Female chicks, on the other hand, can have a little bit of trouble with their health. Because they lay so many eggs, their bodies tend to break down faster than the males of this beloved breed.

More specifically, hens tend to have problems with their reproductive tract. Reproductive cancer is common, as is internal laying and egg binding. They also tend to have digestive issues if given poor-quality food.

Due to the severe strain on their bodies, Queen hens may also become prone to diseases like coccidiosis, salmonellosis, and fowl pox. That’s why they tend to live for about five years on average. Many Cinnamon Queen hens won’t live to see three years old.

The best way to keep these hens healthy is to focus on high-quality food, clean water, and lots of space while they live. Regular checkups and giving them a break from egg laying can extend their lives significantly.

How do you care for Cinnamon Queen chickens?

How do you care for Cinnamon Queen chickens?
Image Credit: honeys_homestead

Cinnamon Queen chickens are fairly demanding when it comes to the lifestyle they need to have. This is not a breed for beginners, simply due to the issues that they can have in terms of health.


A Cinnamon Queen hen will need a coop with ample space. Nesting boxes need to be 12 square inches, while the coop space will require at least 20 square feet. More space is often better here.

When it comes to chicken run space, you are going to have to give them at least 15 square feet per bird outside of the coop. These birds also enjoy perches for spending the night. Bedding is a must, too, since they are prone to discomfort.

Though their thick feathers make them great for cold hardiness, you still may want to keep a heat source outside. Cinnamon queen chickens also enjoy having a skylight in their coop.

Unlike most other cold-hardy breeds, Cinnamon Queens can also handle their heat well. All you need to do is make sure that they have plenty of cold water while they hang out in their coop (or outdoors).

Due to their space requirements, it’s best not to confine Cinnamon Queen hens to a backyard flock. They may become aggressive, anxious, or even suffer ill health as a result of confinement. These birds do best on a farm or a very large yard!


While they do enjoy free-ranging as much as the next chicken, the truth is that you can’t rely on light feeding to keep these birds happy. Cinnamon Queen chickens, especially females, are voracious eaters and will run up your bills with food.

They need to eat a lot more than a typical chicken because of the demands their crazy egg-laying schedule puts on them. To meet those needs, you will need to have a very well-stocked feeder open to them at all times.

If you want to make sure that this bird breed stays happy and healthy for a long time, you are going to need to invest in very high-quality feed. They require lots of vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent illnesses.

Hens also should have a way to get calcium in their bellies. They need to recover that mineral after laying so many eggs in such a small amount of time. Adding a couple of oyster shells for them to peck at is a smart idea. This can also help bolster egg quality, which is always a perk.


This is a breed that has a temperament that most farmers can enjoy. They are very sweet-natured birds that are friendly, prefer to follow people around, and will not stir up drama with other breeds.

If you want to have a mixed-breed flock, then fear not. Cinnamon Queen hybrids tend to be great with other chicken breeds. You can expect them to be relaxed among other poultry. It’s a stress-free bird. You have nothing to worry about with this breed.

Is Cinnamon Queen chicken a good choice for pets?

Is Cinnamon Queen chicken a good choice for pets?
Image Credit: hippiefire22

If you want to buy a chicken as a pet, then the Cinnamon Queen breed might be a good choice. This is a pet that can offer dividends—in the form of eggs. Cinnamon Queens enjoy human company and will follow you around for fun.

They are gentle enough to be good with young children, and have no problem snuggling up to you if you are in need of a hug. In this sense, they can be great companion animals. Even the roosters are going to be fairly friendly to everyone they meet.

The bigger issue that might dissuade some people from having a Cinnamon Queen as a pet deals with their health issues. Hens might not live to be three years old. If you want a long-lived chicken breed, this might not be the right breed for you.

With that said, roosters can live up to 10 years. So, if you want to have a companion for years to come, you might want to pick a rooster. It may not give you the eggs you want, but it may forgo some of the heartbreak of losing a pet.

Can you use Cinnamon Queen chickens in shows?

Can you use Cinnamon Queen chickens in shows?
Image Credit: lonestarvalleyfarm

It’s important to recognize that these chickens are not considered to be an official breed by the APA. Because they aren’t a “real breed,” most poultry shows are not going to want to have them entered into contests.

Though they are beautiful birds, the truth is that most poultry shows do not want birds that don’t come from a breed with a Standard of Perfection. Cinnamon Queens are not officially their own breed quite yet.

Since they aren’t standardized, you can’t really judge which Cinnamon Queen chicken is the best of the bunch. You just end up with a bunch of chickens that look similar without actually having a guide that allows you to determine which is the best breed.

If you were hoping to win money in a show, opt for a rare heritage breed like a Black Copper Maran. This breed is better for serving as a farm animal or pet.

How much does a Cinnamon Queen chicken cost?

How much does a Cinnamon Queen chicken cost?
Image Credit: chicks_at_way_farm

If there’s one major perk to consider, it’s the price per bird. Cinnamon Queen hybrids can be purchased for $2 to $6 per bird, with most farms offering discounts for multiple birds. This puts them slightly below average for a typical chicken.

People who yearn for large brown eggs and want to get them for a cheap price should consider getting a Cinnamon Queen for their flock. It’s a good bargain breed, especially if you are looking for a lot of eggs.


Though they are not considered to be an official breed by mainstream poultry groups, Cinnamon Queen chickens are incredibly popular. This growing breed is quickly gaining ground thanks to the chickens’ ability to lay as many as 300 eggs in a single year.

If you have a lot of space, want a friendly chicken, and crave tons of delicious brown eggs, it makes sense to buy a Cinnamon Queen hen. This breed is able to lay eggs like few other chickens do, and with a little care, you can make sure they are healthy for years on end.

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