Have you ever broken an egg open, only to have a double yolk come out? It’s an uncommon occurrence by any meaning of the word, but it’s been happening for thousands of years. In most cultures, there is a certain level of superstition surrounding eggs.

Did you ever wonder what finding a double yolk in your egg can mean? This is an occurrence that happens once every 1,000 eggs. Let’s look at what folklore has to say about double-yolked eggs!

Why do double-yolked eggs happen?

Before we get into the woo-woo side of things, let’s talk about how double-yolked eggs happen. This will be a quick introduction to a chicken’s reproductive cycle. Every time a hen lays an egg, she passes a yolk that did not get fertilized.

In young hens that are still getting on their egg-laying cycle, they may end up releasing two yolks in a single egg instead of one. In this case, the yolks are released in the same shell, often in a slightly larger egg.

Think of it as a glitch in the hen’s reproductive system.

Are double yolk eggs safe to eat?

Though they may be a bit glitchy in terms of egg yolk, double-yolked eggs are totally safe to eat. That just means you are going to have more egg yolk than usual. For people making Hollandaise sauce or custard, it can even be a bonus.

Are there any birds that are more likely to lay double-yolk eggs?

For the most part, this is a phenomenon that is relegated to very young hens of all breeds. It’s a sign that the hen’s egg laying is still just starting out. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that Buff Orpington hens and other larger birds can continue this into adulthood.

Can you buy double yolk eggs at the store?

For the longest time, eggs were going to be single yolk in every carton. There weren’t any farmers who focused on creating double-yolked eggs. Things are starting to change thanks to the boom in interest in novelty eggs.

There are some farmers who are currently breeding chickens that lay two egg yolks per egg. Sauder’s farm, for example, guarantees two egg yolks per egg in each dozen of their Double Yolkers egg crates.

Can double yolk eggs become twin chicks?

Yes, but it’s unlikely to be something that you will see in your lifetime. Most double yolked eggs don’t fertilize properly. In most cases, these eggs will hatch with one live chick plus an embryo that didn’t quite develop.

This phenomenon has only been seen a handful of times. If you have a hen that lays double yolked eggs, you may notice that hatching their eggs could turn tricky, to say the least.

What does finding a double egg yolk mean?

What does finding a double egg yolk mean?

In most cases, people see this as a sign of good fortune. Many people relate this to good luck in finance. If you’re yearning for more prosperity or a spike in abundance, then finding two eggs in one might be the sign of good luck you’ve been needing.

Many cultures also see this as a sign of a new opportunity, rebirth, or regeneration. For example, seeing an egg with two yolks might be an omen stating that an old flame will be contacting you again. Maybe your relationship will be reborn!

Still more tend to see this as a sign of pregnancy and fertility. Two yolks may suggest that you will have twins in the future. In some circles, people will actually give an extra-large egg to a woman trying to conceive in hopes of getting that benevolent sign.

PRO TIP – A lot of cultures sees eggs as a sign of new life and resurrection. That’s why Easter eggs are seen as a sign of spring and a sign of Christ’s rebirth. Double egg yolks in Easter eggs are often seen as a sign of a new awakening or a revival of faith.

Are there any cultures that see a double egg yolk as bad luck?

For the most part, cultures like to see double egg yolks. It’s seen as a sign of good fortune to come, especially if you are trying to conceive or are looking for a job. However, there is one culture that tends to see this as a bad omen.

If you are part of Norse culture, then the last thing that you want to see is a double yolk when you crack open an egg. Ancient Norse groups saw this as a sign of double trouble. However, they are in the minority.

What are the chances of a three-yolk egg?

Since a two-yolk egg is very rare, it shouldn’t shock you to find out that a three-yolk egg is exceedingly rare. Triple yolks are 1 in 25 million occurrences, making it a literal once-in-a-lifetime event for the person who sees it.

On a similar note, finding an egg with four egg yolks is so rare, they don’t even have statistics. It’s safe to say that finding any form of multiple yolks is unusual.

Oddly enough, the odds of finding a second double yolk egg in the same carton is 1 in 100.

Are double-yolked eggs healthier?

Are double-yolked eggs healthier?

This depends on what you mean by “healthy.” In terms of food safety, an egg with two yolks is no different than a regular single yolk egg. It’s not like they are cancerous, or diseased. They are literally just eggs that came out a bit different.

The one difference in double yolks is the nutritional content that they tend to have. Yolks are not the same as egg whites in terms of nutrients. Egg whites have lower cholesterol levels and tend to be slightly lower in protein.

Egg yolks are where the majority of an egg’s nutrients are. If you are okay with higher cholesterol and calories, the trade-off is superb. You can expect to get more vitamins and minerals. Egg yolks also are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, a must for good skin.

If you want to get more specific, double yolks are richer in Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, choline, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Are double-yolked eggs twice as nutritional as a single yolk egg?

Not quite! The yolks in a double-yolked egg are significantly smaller than a typical single yolk. So, it’s not like you’re going to have the nutrition of two eggs in a single egg. It’s better to compare them to a single extra-large egg.

Can you bake with double-yolked eggs?

Here’s one of the bigger pitfalls that can come with double-yolked eggs. While many recipes are going to be perfectly fine with the use of double-yolked eggs, not all will. Certain recipes can be very finicky with the amount of yolk in them.

If you have a recipe that requires more egg white than egg, you may have a hard time cooking that recipe correctly. You might have a harder time removing the yolks without breaking them, or the recipe might taste a little bit off.

What does it mean if your chicken regularly lays double yolks?

What does it mean if your chicken regularly lays double yolks?

This can be a cause for concern for chicken keepers who notice a lot of double-yolked eggs in quick succession. The truth is that this is usually not a bad thing. This is usually a sign that a chicken is young and is still getting used to laying eggs.

However, these eggs are larger than usual—and that’s where the problems can happen. For most chickens, laying a bigger egg is not a problem. Chickens are made to lay eggs, and that means that a bigger egg is not likely to cause an issue.

Eggs that become too large can become a problem. Regular laying of extremely large eggs can lead to a lethal issue known as egg binding. This means the chicken cannot expel the egg normally.

Egg binding needs to be treated as soon as possible, as this can kill the hen if left unattended. Thankfully, most egg bound hens can be treated at home with a dietary change, a little lubricant, and some measures to help them relax.


Double yolks have long been seen as a sign of new beginnings. Because they seem so fortuitous, cultures around the world have assigned spiritual meanings to them. If you find one in your omelet, don’t panic.

A double yolked egg is totally safe to eat, and can even provide you with more nutrition than a standard egg. Because they’re seen as such good luck, there are now companies working to create cartons exclusively filled with double yolked eggs. Who knew?

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